Learning about the body IN THEORY is one thing.

Knowing what you need to know in order to help your particular clients is entirely different.

That statement may sound odd at first glance. Honestly, it wouldn’t have made sense to us before we met our colleague, Andrea Nakayama. And even she says it wouldn’t have made sense to her earlier in her career!

But it’s precisely because Andrea understands the difference between theory and practice that she has been able to grow two acclaimed and internationally known companies – Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab. Replenish works directly with clients, and Holistic Nutrition Lab teaches thousands of clinicians from all over the globe help their clients finally feel better.

We want you to hear her message because of its power, and also because of how much it has helped so many health coaches.

Andrea teaches that things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. We can’t just study which diets and nutrients are good for which ailments, match them up, and presto… a cure.

The ones who really needed her help (and those who need yours!) don’t get better with that type of approach.

The days of the one-size-fits-all dietary protocol are over.

Cookie-cutter solutions rarely pan out. Quick-fixes don’t exist as much as we’d like.

And, as you also likely know, when you move from the textbook to a client session, everything changes.

Because of this, there are so many practitioners who aren’t succeeding, and so many clients who aren’t getting better.

To this, Andrea said, “No more!”

It’s time to Reframe Nutrition!

Andrea teaches the truth about practicing functionally and how to really help people get to the root of their health issues, no matter what your scope of practice…

Here’s what she says:

People come in with stories, histories, and fears.

They come in with genetic predispositions, physiological abnormalities, emotional baggage, and personal idiosyncrasies.

Clients arrive with ideas about what foods are “good”, which are “bad”, when they can “cheat” and how much change they can tolerate.

There is likely not ONE but MANY factors that lead to their signs, symptoms and diagnosis.

All of these things create a unique physiological puzzle that is rarely, if ever, going to match up with theory.


And that’s where you come in, with superpowers that turn clients from helpless to hopeful.

Your clients need someone who can do more than what they can find elsewhere.

Your clients need someone who can look at the same labs, the same history, the same complaints, and SEE something different.

Your clients need a nutritional ninja – someone who not only has tremendous knowledge, but also has Sherlock Holmes-esque detective skills, and cat-like reflexes. (Well, maybe you don’t need cat-like reflexes, but you do need to be able to THINK differently so you can see what others cannot see.)

That’s what your clients need, because right now, they’re not getting better.

And that’s why, together, we need to Reframe Nutrition.

We'd like to show you just how we do that.

If you want to become a practitioner with exceptional bedside manner, unshakable confidence, and a PROVEN system for finding ROOT causes & turning CLIENTS into the champions of their own healing journey, we highly recommend you join Andrea for Reframe Nutrition!

You can head over to the page now, and listen right away if you like!

And here’s the best part….

She’ll teach you how to put what you’ve learned into practice immediately!

And once you’re part of the Reframe community, you’ll be able to attend the quarterly workgroup sections she hosts so you can continually bring your skills into practice throughout the year.

One thing is certain, once you join Andrea’s community of forward-thinking practitioners, you’ll always know the latest and best tools for helping your clients get better. Andrea over-delivers on everything she does, and truly cares about each person in her community.

We couldn’t recommend her mentorship more highly.

Start with Reframe Nutrition and your practice has never been the same.




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