If you are like most health coaches, you probably have NO idea how to legally protect your business. Most coaches truly have no idea what to do or where even to start.  They have no idea that they are leaving their business legally naked from every angle without even knowing it. 

Most think that covering their buns would so expensive. And HARD!

There is a solution. Lisa Fraley, Attorney & Legal Coach has created DIY documents that are a fraction of the price of her one-on-one services and just what most coaches need.

Lisa has created DIY Legal Templates for the most important legal steps that most of us entrepreneurs need so we can feel protected, confident and empowered in both our business & our brand. 

AND so we have legal documents in writing to fall back on if someone tries to ask for a refund, or swipes copy off of our sites, or steals our program materials. 

These DIY Legal Templates are:

  • Easy to understand. No legal-mumbo jumbo.
  • Colorful. (yes, seriously – they’re legal documents that use color!) #noboringblackandwhite
  • Legally legit. And thorough.
  • With directions how to get them in place.

Here’s how they work:

You just download the DIY template and listen to the audio guide that walks you right through where to personalize it, so you don’t have to struggle to figure it out on your own. After you’ve filled it out, it’s ready to be used. And, each template is a Word document so you can easily edit and use it over and over again

Check out Lisa’s DIY Legal Templates HERE.

DIY Legal Templates allow you to do it yourself, save money, and get covered 24/7.




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