Building a successful and profitable health care practice is hard. 
Based on a recent survey health coaches and therapists told us that there are 3 main challenges they face:
  • Finding the root-cause and getting results
  • Getting more clients and marketing their services
  • Making a good living doing what they love!
Our friends at the Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation, a nonprofit organization and global network of lifestyle medicine and lifestyle prescriptions doctors, naturopaths, health coaches and practitioners, realized that new innovative technologies and solutions are needed to help health coaches and practitioner succeed.
Johannes R. Fisslinger, founder of Lifestyle Prescriptions® and developer of ThermoBuzzer™ will teach a free webinar training Wednesday June 21, 2017 at 12noon PST | 3pm EST 
You’ll learn how to supercharge your practice with preventive mobile thermography imaging technology and psychosocial root- cause analysis & health coaching. 
Join the webinar LIVE if you want to:
  • Build a successful business 
  • Create a secure income stream
  • Improve your confidence & competence.
  • Increase client compliance (and health outcomes)
  • Show body imbalances visually (years before they appear as symptoms)

You might have heard about thermography before (especially being used as an FDA approved diagnostics tool for breast health screening). 800 research studies show the validity but up until now it has been mostly used as a medical diagnostics tool (priced at $30,000 and more).

What they’ve done is combine mobile thermography with the power and precision of Lifestyle Prescriptions® root-cause analysis …
… giving you the tools & skills you need to operate a successful practice (in one of the fastest growing health care segments = Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching).
Register now if you want to upgrade your practice (or build a new one)

The School of Applied Functional Medicine is offering this free webinar “A Full Practice With A Waiting List – The Power of Functional Medicine Coaching”.




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