The following resources are great resources to help you with your health coaching business AND they are all FREE. Make sure you visit our EVENT page to find several FREE webinars to support your business.

FREE 5-Day Challenge - Design Your Signature Online Group Program

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out and don’t have a niche yet or if you’ve been building your business for a couple of years — the only way to really gain momentum (and make the moollah) is to create and sell a signature program over and over again.

Don’t have a completed signature program yet?

Did you start creating a signature program but never got around to finishing it?

Do you have a signature program that isn’t making money?

Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Challenge so you can complete and setup your signature program.

The Field Guide to Functional Nutrition

One of the top Functional Medicine Nutritionists, Andrea Nakayama, has a great guide ebook for you, “The Field Guide to Functional Nutrition,”.

Here’s just a glimpse of what’s inside:

  • The top Functional Nutrition tools you need (and that Andrea’s clinic uses every day with clients from around the globe!)

  • Done-for-you language to describe what Functional Nutrition really is, and why it’s the future of healthcare

  • Tips for avoiding the traps that most smart, hardworking practitioners experience

4 FREE Resources from Marketing for Health Coaches

Amy Lippman with Marketing for Health Coaches has so many great products to help you create a thriving health coaching business. She has four free downloads that will help you get started today.

Fill Your Health Coaching Practice – 5 Proven Strategies to Consistently Get Clients…Even if You're Just Getting Started

Get a free cheat sheet plus a word-for-word template to use on your website.

Get this free customizable opt-in gift that you can use on your own website.

This guide will spell out all of the necessary parts of a program launch, along with each individual step on the launch timeline.

FREE eBook - Functional Medicine Coaching - How to Be Part of the Movement That's Transforming Healthcare

In this eBook by Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum and Elyse Wagner, FMCA’s founders, you’ll find inspirational stories of patients’ personal journeys toward health and well-being as a result of working with a health coach. Whether you’re an aspiring coach or already work in the field, you’ll learn from people who have experienced the power of combining Functional Medicine with positive psychology coaching to inspire sustainable behavior change and transform health.

This book is for sale on Amazon but you can get it free.

FREE Mini-Course - How to Sidestep the Top Traps that Bright, Hardworking Nutrition Practitioners Encounter

Free mini-course from Functional Nutrition expert, Andrea Nakayama.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Discover the hidden hazards that dedicated diet and lifestyle practitioners encounter (and that may be hindering your success right now)
  • Uncover how some of your best traits (and intentions) could be working against you
  • Receive the tools and mindset shifts you need to avoid these pitfalls so you can help more people (and grow your business while doing it!)
  • Learn how you can play a pivotal role in the healthcare revolution and fill a GAP in Functional Medicine that is in need of your services
FREE 3-Part Video Training on the Strategies for Epic E-Course Success

There are a lot of myths and misinformation out there about creating your own online programs, and it can be confusing. This training will give you clear, actionable strategies that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW to start creating your own e-Course.

In this 3-part video series, you’ll learn:

  • How to hone in on the right idea for your course (so that you know you’re creating something your audience will buy)
  • How to avoid the 10 common mistakes that negatively impact your enrolments
  • How to lose the fear and launch with confidence (so that you can stop playing so small)

And heads up: this training is all 100% free, but it won’t be up forever.

The 7 Secrets You MUST know BEFORE You Start A Career As A Health & Wellness Coach

Check out this free webinar from the International Association of Wellness Professionals – The 7 Secrets You MUST know BEFORE You Start A Career As A Health & Wellness Coach

You will learn:

  • The 7 secrets to becoming a successful coach (and the ONE thing you NEED to know to truly help people live better and healthier lives)
  • Where you can work as a Wellness Coach
  • Why Wellness Coaching is the HOTTEST career and why NOW is the best time to become a coach
  • What you can do as a Wellness Coach
FREE Lead Magnet From Health Coaching Solutions

The Busy People's Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go is a 4-page customizable guide that you can brand and use for your own business. It can be used for:

  • A lead magnet to build your list
  • A bonus for a workshop
  • A lunch and learn template

FREE Health Coaching Classes

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions offers a FREE 7-day course on their 30 hour Foundation Course – REGISTER HERE
  • Precision Nutrition offers a FREE 5-day Nutrition Coaching Course – REGISTER HERE
  • David Wolfe with Body Mind Institute offers a FREE Intro to Living Nutrition Course – REGISTER HERE

FREE Nutrition Related Resources

FREE Business Related Resources





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