Imagine Yourself as a Functional Medicine Health Coach

At a time when chronic disease has become the societal norm and estimates show that 1 in 5 will die from a lifestyle-related disease, it is safe to say we are in a health crisis and in desperate need of a change to our current broken system. An increasing number of health care settings are seeing the value in adding health coaches to their interdisciplinary teams. With the demand for healthcare skyrocketing, doctors are facing full schedules and limited time to be able to work extensively with their patient. Coupled together, this creates a perfect storm of opportunity for trained health coaches to bridge the gap between patient and doctor.

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is on the forefront of creating the connection between practitioner and patient by expanding the healthcare team to include a Functional Medicine certified health coach. Health coaches trained in the principles of Functional Medicine, positive psychology coaching and mind-body medicine are uniquely positioned to be the catalyst for change and fill the unmet need in healthcare. Take a moment to imagine yourself as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Imagine health coaches in your practice. How would the expansion of a Functional Medicine collaborative care team revolutionize the healthcare you provide? Imagine the possibilities!

Click the link below to receive a special video series featuring Mark Hyman, Kristi Hughes, Liz Lipski, Jeffrey Bland, Gerry Mullin, and our founder and CEO, Sandra Scheinbaum, share insights about the role of a Functional Medicine Health Coach and about the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.



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