Done-For-You Detox

Detox & Cleanse Basic + Rockstar

If you need a straightforward, easy-to-sell program that works for all your clients, no matter what their unique needs, this is the one for you.

It’s more than just another cookie-cutter cleanse program that puts too much pressure on your client – it’s a program designed to work for every body type, every need and even for every sensitivity.

The Basic option takes your clients through full body and mind cleansing, eating right for every season and how to get where they need to be.

As a coach, you also get price points, guidance, and marketing mojo if you take the Rockstar option. This program was based on the teachings of Alejandro Junger, Dr. Robert Morse, Paul Pitchford, Mark Hyman, Liz Lipski, Ann Louise Gittleman, and many other leading experts who support detoxing the body.

Included in this program is:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Healthy Suggested Meals for 14 Days
  • 1 4,965-word Detox Recipe Guide
  • A 14-Day at a Glance Guide
  • Personal Food Diary
  • Professional Designed eBook Covers
  • A 20-email support sequence
  • Biz Resource Guide
  • Three Tech Tutorials
  • Coaches Manual
  • Bonus Handout – How to Cleanse for the Beginner

Plus, you get the clean eating version of the program AND a professional-written sales page!


The 12 Day Detox is a beautiful, professional guide through the process of cleansing with good nutrition. This program teaches your client how to cleanse from inflammation, stress and poor diet while fueling their bodies properly.  It gives you the tools to educate, inform and support your client in a one on one situation or a group program.  It gives you all the tools to communicate, from marketing to supporting your clients.

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This beautiful, professional package includes:
  • A professional presentation
  • Daily modules
  • Daily workbooks
  • Daily meditation videos
  • Getting Started manual
  • Workshop
  • Administrative files and instruction
  • Marketing tools
  • Great photos
  • Shopping lists and tips, menus, and recipes
  • All future updates at no additional charge
  • Ad copy that helps you to promote your program and introduce it to your new clients
  • Confidence and clarity about your offer and why your people need it
  • The ability to add your own logo and brand for an even more professional look

Your clients get daily communications, modules, videos and workbooks and you get certified as a Detoxification Specialist.



The Winter & Spring Cleanse/Detox Program from Marketing for Health Coaches gives you everything you need to confidently launch the program with ease. The professional written and designed materials will make you feel and look like a pro and set you up as an expert in your field.

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This program includes:
  • Complete Cleanse/Detox Guidebook For Your Clients
  • Client Workbook Where Clients Can Track Their Progress
  • Daily Cleanse/Detox Protocol For Clients To Stay On Track
  • Customizable Winter Meal Plan
  • Customizable Spring Meal Plan
  • Professionally Taken Photos
  • Toxic Reduction Tips
  • Kitchen & Food Preparation Tips
  • Recordings & Transcripts of 3 Training Calls
  • Pre-Written Emails

You also get a complete marketing kit with:

  • A Ready-To-Launch Cleanse/Detox Program
  • Customizable Flyers
  • Beautiful Sales Page Templates
  • Customizable Program Banners
  • Social Media Promotion Kit
  • Pre-Written Promotional Emails
  • Pre-Written Newsletter/Article/Blog Post
  • Graphics Package
  • Detailed Launch Timeline
  • 6 Months of Technical Support

But that’s not all! You get access to “Launch Your Program Like A Pro” mini course:

  • Module 1: Planning Your Perfect Program
  • Module 2: Market Your Program Like A Pro
  • Module 3: Lead Your Program With Confidence
  • Module 4: Going Out With A Bang

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The Detox Workshop is loaded with the latest research, cleansing strategies, meal plan, flyers, handouts, and more, so you will feel incredibly prepared and confident! Detoxing and cleansing are HOT TOPICS right now! Why reinvent the wheel? Use the Detox Workshop-to-Go and have more time to do what you love!

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The Detox Workshop-to-Go includes:
  • PowerPoint: Professionally-designed and written, with beautiful graphics. (51 slides you can tailor to your needs!)
  • Script: Word-for-word, slide-by-slide script, so you know exactly what to say! Done for you and ready to use, or customize to fit your “style” if you like, or
  • Marketing materials to promote your workshop – press release, flyer, poster – just add your name, logo, website and date/time/location details!
  • Interactive handouts, meal plans, 20 recipes, professionally-designed sign-in sheet, evaluation form and more!
  • Sample Questions-and-Answers so you’ll be comfortable and confident!
  • Preparation checklist and materials list

The workshop runs 45-60 minutes, or edit it to be longer or shorter. You decide if you want to include the meal plan and recipes in your Workshop, or save them for your one-on-one coaching! (For more ways to grow a profitable coaching practice, check out the Coaching Essentials Guide and Toolkit, and the Coach Mentoring!)


The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse will help your clients create positive changes in mind and body through focus on their inner self. Adding this program to your practice will engage your client’s spirit and lay the foundation for a grounding daily practice.

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The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse will:
  • Help your clients get in touch with their inner self.
  • Create spiritual growth and help your clients let go of ideas and beliefs that do not serve them.
  • Help your clients understand more about meditation and it’s versatility, with daily emails packed full of information.
  • Consist of four weeks of accountability and guidance, as well as education on different methods of meditation.
  • Help you find methods that work best for personal growth and will give your client the best advantage in creating a viable meditation practice.



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